№ 3, 2013


Makarov I.V., Galkin R.A., Andreyev M.M. Efficiency of subtotal thyroid resection and quality of life of patients operated on diffuse toxic goiter
Khaziev V.V. Features of cellular composition of lymph-macrophage infiltration in the stroma of benign and malignant nodal thyroid neoplasm
Sergiyenko V.A., Segin V.B., Samir Azhmi, Sergiyenko A.A. Arterial wall stiffness, insulin resistance, brain natriuretic peptide and the functional and structural changes of the myocardium at diabetic cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy
Ivanova L.A. Optimization of glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes and acute coronary syndrome
Parzhaladze V. I. Gender and age features of the formation and flow of type 2 diabetes in patients with normal body mass
Mykytyuk M.R. The effect of arterial hypertension and glucose homeostasis violations on cardiomyopathy severity in patients with acromegaly
Gogitidze T.G. Gender features of manifestation and clinical course of prolactinoma
Arkhypkina T. L. Features of clinical and hormonal parameters at women with regular menstrual cycles and polycystic ovaries
Pryvalov V.A., Sergiyko S.V., Tyulganova V. L., Sokolova L.V. The case of syndrome of adrenocorticotropic hormone ectopic production on the basic of cancer of the right lung bronchus


Babenko N.A., Timo?ychuk O.A. The role of acid sphingomyelinase in insulin-induced glucose uptake violations by muscle tissue in old age
Palagina I.A., Kudrya M.Ya. State of thrombocyte-coagulation hemostasis in rats under in?uence of metabolites of succinic acid derivatives


Kravchun N.A., Kogan B.G. Etiotropic therapy of mycotic infections in patients with type 2 diabetes


Kravchun N.A. Polozova L.G. Primary hyperaldosteronism


«Ukrainian school of endocrinology» (57 annual research and practice conference with international participation, on June, 6–7, 2013, Kharkiv)