№ 1, 2014


A.O. Chernyaeva. Risk factors of cardiovascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
L.Ye. Bobyrova, O.V. Muravleva, O.Yu. Gorodinskaya. The features of clinical course of autoimmune thyroiditis depending on the function and forming of thyroid nodules in the thyroid gland
E.V. Misyura, I.M. Ilyina, I. P. Romanova, A.V. Kazakov, M. I. Zubko, Yu.V. Sorokolat, M.A. Golubova, E.A. Golovina, N.A. Kravchun. Structure of the difference in body weight of certain categories of urban population
M.B. Gorobeiko. The effectiveness of thioctic (alpha-lipoic) acid for the enhancement of the lower limbs circulation in diabetic peripheral neuropathy


I.B. Pryvrotska, L.V. Yanytska, T.M. Kuchmerovska. Energy state of the tissues and content of amino acids in blood serum and liver of rats under conditions of acute pancreatitis
N.A. Karpenko, N. P. Smolenko, E.M. Koreneva, E. E. Chystyakova, N. F. Velychko. Dynamics and conjugation of age involution of some components of male reproductive function
N.Yu. Selyukova. Fertility of male rats — offspring after father’s phytoestrogens exposures and it changes at conditions of additional phytoestrogenization such offspring in the critical period of ontogenesis


N.O. Kravchun, O.G. Dorosh, T.M. Ovsyannikova, I. I. Alekseeva. The properties of 8-isoprostaglandin and its relationship with oxidative stress in patients with type 2 diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (review and own research)
O.A. Goncharova. Features of autoimmune pathology on the background of the thymus age involution and hypoestrogenia


I. S. Chekman. Nanotechnology, nanomedicine, nanopharmacology, nanofarmatsiya: Implementation of results in medical practice


Utevsky Aron Mikhaylovich. To the 110th birth anniversary


The review on the monograph «Physiology, biochemistry and physiology of stress» by V.A. Baraboy and O.G. Reznikov


Nikolai Tronko (on his 70th birthday) )