№ 4, 2017


N. A. Kravchun, E. Yu. Tkachuk. Pathogenic therapy of diabetic cystopathy with alpha lipoic acid and group B vitamins in types 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus patients
N. V. Pasyechko, V. M. Kulchinska, L. V. Naumova, I. V. Holyk, O. M. Remezuk, I. V. Sovyak, O. A. Shumska, M. A. Dzhula, T. I. Krytskyi. Valuation of vitamin D concentration influence onto the indemnification degree of the diabetes mellitus and patients’ life quality level
M. Ye. Sazonov. Determination of sodium-iodide symporter expression in well-differentiated papillary carcinomas and follicular neoplasms of the thyroid gland
V. A. Serhiyenko, S. Azhmi, A. A. Serhiyenko. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, statins and their combination in the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus with cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy


G. Kononenko, V. M. Kravchenko. Study of the ifluence of tincture from feijoa leaves on thyroid function rats with experimental hypothyroidism
S. S. Sokolova, L. Yu. Sergiyenko, A. R. Gevorkyan, T. S. Gavrish, M. G. Lyzogubova. Organometric and morphometric indicators of the thyroid gland of children, wich were born at different gestational age, with a small body weight


T. V. Mohort. Alpha-lipoeva acid: polyfactor influence and rationale of opportunities for use in sugar diabetes
O. O. Khyzhnyak, Yu. I. Karachentsev, G. V. Ostroverkhova, T. G. Gogitidze, N. Yu. Seliukova, R. S. Nikolaiev, K. G. Manskaya. Insulin degludec — new generation of longacting basal insulin analog (literature review and own data)


N. O. Kravchun, O. G. Dorosh, I. P. Dunayeva, O. V. Zemlyanitsina, A. O. Chernyaeva, K. V. Misyura, Yu. O. Titova. Functional foods blueberry paste in a complex treatment of obesity and disorders of carbohydrate metabolism


V. Palamarchuk, M. V. Vlasenko. Diagnosis and treatment of benign forms of nodular goiter
T. M. Tykhonova, Y. N. Smilka, O. O. Khyzhnyak. Ways of improving the definition of glycemia: enzyme methods, their classification, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages


V. G. Kamchatny. Cultural and educational activity of the outstanding scientist V. Ya. Danilevsky (to the 165th anniversary of his birth)

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