3, 2018


D. V. Minukhina. Algorithm for predicting recurrent myocardial infarction in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus according to definition of markers of endothelial dysfunction
Karachentsev Y. I., Kravchun N. A., Tykhonova T.M., Cherniaieva A. A., Chervenko H. L. State cellular immunity in patients with diabetes mellitus depending on the balance of uric acid
V. P. Chyzhova. Age changes in glucose exchange and peculiarities of development of insulin resistance at age
B. O. Shelest. Perspectives of various hypotenzive combinations in treatment of artrial hypertension with comorbid pathology


N. M. Brechka, V. P. Nevzorov, N. Yu. Seliukova, E. M. Koreneva, N. G. Malova, V. A. Bondarenko. Ultrastructure of rat testicles after destructive exposure of the doxorubicin hydrochloride and the possibility of correction by chondroitin sulfate
I. A. Palagina, . Ya. udrya, N. V. lnikovskaya, S. P. ustova, N. V. Ustenko, M. . Byk, . S. Llymn, . . Pavlenko, T. V. Matveeva. Antioxidant properties of a cathiasine-based pharmaceutical composition studied on a model of the drug-induced liver impairment


N. G. Malova, I. V. Komarova, N. M. Brechka, L. A. Sirotenko, Yu. S. Kurilko, A. V. Spiridonov. To the question of endocrine-metabolic disturbances development
O. O. Khizhnyak, N. E. Barabash, M. R. Mikityuk, R. S. Nikolaev, E. H. Manskaya, T. M. Tikhonova. Epidemiology of acromegaly: current state of the problem (review of literature and own data)
N. G. Ryndina, P. G. Kravchun, K. M. Borovyk, P. I. Rynchak. Obesity and cardiovascular diseases: is there a connection?


T. M. Tykhonova, Y. N. Smilka, O. O.Khyzhnyak. Individual measurements of glycemia problems and errors in application


REPORT about the 62nd Scientific-Practical Conference with International Participation Ukrainian School of Endocrinology June 78, 2018
Reference on the results of the activity of the endocrinology service in the regions of Ukraine, which are subordinated to the management of the SI V.Danilevsky Institute for Endocrine Pathology Problems of the NAMS of Ukraine, and directions in the future of its development


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