1, 2019


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Ju. A. Titova. Complex treatment of osteoporosis in patients with 2 type diabetes mellitus in combination with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
I. Fedorenko, V. Dubovik. Paracetamol (infulgan) for internal infusion alternative opioids in the postoperative period


N. M. Brechka. The effect of long-term administration of chondroitin sulfate on the functioning of the reproductive system of male rats
Yu. V. Volkova, L. L. Sukhova. Assessment of the condition of pro-/antioxidant systems in the rats heart of different age with hypogonadism
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G. Zaychenko, T. Ravshanov. Prostate-protective action of combined composition suppositories with indole-3-carbinol and meloxicam on model of sulpiride-induced benign prosate hyperplasia


E. Koreneva, N. Philimonova, N. Brechka, E. Chistyakova, N. Smolyenko, I. Belkina, N. Karpenko. Modeling of chronic prostatitis. Abacterial prostatitis in the aspects of reproduction of experimental hypofertility (review)


O. V. Safonova, A. M. Urbanovych. Cushings syndrom (CTH-ectopic tumor): ase from practice
T. M. Tykhonova. Skin lesions in diabetes mellitus: risk factors for development, clinical manifestations, prevention and treatment


Endocrine pathology in the age aspect 16th Scientific Conference with international participation (2223 November 2018, Kharkiv)
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