№ 2, 2019


М. O. Vatseba. Disbalance of adypokins and indicators of systemic immuno-inflammatory activation in patients with essential arterial hypertension and obesity
T. S. Vatseba, N. V. Skrypnyk. Influence of glycemic variability on the compensation of diabetes mellitus
V. V. Gargin, V. V. Alekseeva, A. V. Lupyr, N. O. Urevich, R. S. Nazaryan, V. M. Cheverda. Correlation between the bone density of the maxillary sinus and body mass index in women during the menopause
O. V. Zemlianitsyna. Antifibrotic effect of combination dapagliflosin and metformin therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
N. S. Kosmynina, O. L. Lychkovska, A. A. Malska, M. I. Dats-Opoka. The role of zinc deficiency in the occurrence of thyroid gland pathology in children from environmentally unfavorable iodine deficiency areas
D. S. Nosivets. Effect of the combination of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug on the course of osteoarthritis with concomitant hypothyroidism
V. I. Pankiv, T. Yu. Yuzvenko, I. V. Pankiv. Type 2 diabetes mellitus and subclinical hypothyroidism: focusing on the role of cholecalciferol
D. B. Solomchak, I. O. Kostitska, O. Z. Detsyk. Analysis of the interrelations for clusters of metabolic syndrome associated with impaired water-salt homeostasis, urolithiasis and other diseases of the urinary system
O. A. Stepura, O. Shekera, B. Mankovsky. Risk factors cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy in type 1 diabetes mellitus
A. M. Urbanovych, T. Maksymets, O. Sklyarova. Diagnostic value of surrogate markers of insulin resistance in patients with stable coronary artery disease with obesity and normal fasting glucose
A. Chernyaeva, M. Mykytyuk, Iu. Karachentsev, N. Kravchun. Level of urikemia in patients with diabetes mellitus and anthropometric indices: clinical and biochemical correlations


N. M. Brechka, V. V. Kozar, A. V. Aleksandrova, V. A. Bondarenko. Pharmacological correction of the inflammation in experimental prostatite
G. Zaychenko, O. Mishchenko, Ch. Sharifov, A. Gordienko, О. Tkachova, O. Sinitsyna, Yu. Laryanovska, O. Khalieieva. Influence of extract of peach ordinary (persica vulgaris) leaves on the state of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system of rats in conditions of chronic immobilization stress
A. M. Romanyuk, N. B. Hryntsova, L. I. Karpenko, L. I. Kiptenko, О. О. Ustyansky, M. M. Dunaeva. The long-term effect of the complex of heavy metal salts on the morphofunctional changes in the structural components of the intermediate lobe of the mature rats’ pituitary gland – the female


V. Zhuravlyova, A. K. Zhuravlyova. Current idea of pancreatogenic diabetes


T. M. Tykhonova, Y. M. Smilka. Risk factors of development and way of timely identification of ketoacidotic conditions in diabetes mellitus
O. Khyzhnyak, M. Mykytyuk, M. Guk, R. Nikolaiev, T. Gogitidze. Clinical and hormonal features of acromegaly in patients from a ukrainian neuroendocrinology centre


Report on the scientific-practical conference «Achievements and prospects experimental and clinical endocrinology», (18th Danilevsky Readings) February 28 - March 1, 2019
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