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The journal included in the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine (category «А»). Order MES of Ukraine № 1412 from 18.12.2018.

The journal "Problems of Endocrine Pathology" accepts works that have not previously been published in other editions:

original author's articles on pathogenesis, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of endocrine diseases and combined pathology in children and adults;

  • reviews of scientific literature on topical issues of endocrinology;
  • lectures for endocrinologists;
  • clinical cases of rare endocrine pathology and syndromes with endocrine manifestations;
  • materials on the epidemiology of endocrine diseases and the organization of specialized medical care;
  • results of experimental research on the physiology and pathophysiology of the endocrine system;
  • materials for the development, biological and clinical testing of new drugs for the treatment of endocrinopathies and their complications.

All materials submitted for publication are subject to mandatory review and approval by the Academic Council of the Institute.

The editorial staff reserves the right to edit editorially (without changing the main topic), and the rejection of materials that are executed without complying with the rules. Manuscripts and other media are not returned. The fee is not paid to the authors. The financial policy of the journal does not provide for payment by authors of filing and reviewing manuscripts.

Design of the manuscript 

1. The article may be written in Ukrainian, Russian or English.

The text is printed in 1.5 intervals on a sheet of A4 format (the upper and lower fields are 2.5 cm, the left field is 3 cm, the right field is 1.5 cm). Font Times New Roman, 14 points. 

The volume of the original article should not exceed 10 pages, taking into account tables, drawings, list of literature and summary. Pages are indicated by a single through-numbered numbering. The article allows for no more than 20 references to literature. 

The volume of the review article and lecture - up to 15 pages with the number of references not more than 70 references to literature.

Practical cases - up to 5 pages with no more than 10 references to literature.

2. The manuscript shall be sent to the editor in 2 copies. The original is signed by all authors and is printed with permission.

Are added: 

  • sending to the editorial office certified by the head of the institution;
  • expert opinion on the possibility of open print of materials;
  • information about the authors.

Electronic version of the article in RTF format (Rich Text Format), which is a complete analogue of the print version. Do not transfer words into a text editor.

The order of the manuscript submission


2. Name and surname of the author (s).

3. The name of the institution where the work was performed (the city where the institution is located). 

4. The authors must indicate within the limits of which scientific subjects the work is performed (state registration number). The authors must guarantee responsibility for everything published in the article, as well as the absence of a conflict of interest and their own financial interest in performing the work and writing an article. 

5. Introduction should contain a brief description of the current state of the problem, analysis of research over the past 10 years, in which the solution to this problem was initiated, and on which the author relies, the main conclusions and comparative analysis of these publications, the formulation of the problem in general terms and its relation to important scientific or practical tasks.

6. The section >"Materials and Methods" should be presented so that, based on the above description of methods and reagents, the conditions for conducting experiments could be reproduced experiments. Researches, the results of which are given in articles, must comply with ethical standards. Referring to the used statistical methods, it is necessary to give arguments about the adequacy of them in this study. It is necessary to indicate in which indicators the results in the text are presented. 

7. Results of the research and their discussion. In this section, the direct replication of the data in the tables should be avoided. Discussion of the results should be limited to consideration of only the most important established facts, taking into account preliminary data on the issue being studied. In other words, much of the discussion should be devoted to the interpretation of the results.

8. Tables and drawings should complement, not duplicate text. Reproduction of the same material in the form of tables and figures is not allowed. Tables should have a number and a name without abbreviations. Tables are located only in the book orientation of the fields. Color bitmaps must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi, a black and white (grayscale) of 600 dpi. Vector images should not contain fonts. Chemical and mathematical formulas are given in the text.

9. Conclusions. The conclusions give short formulation of the results of work, which correspond to the purpose of the study and the task, in the form of a concise set of points. In this section, prospects for future research can also be presented.

10. List of references. It is issued according to the State Standard of Ukraine GOST 7.1: 2006. Listed on separate pages in accordance with the mention in the text. Reference numbers are indicated by square brackets. 

In this case, references to the work of recent years should prevail.

Summary. It is written in Ukrainian, Russian and English with exact translation and contains: full title of the article, initials and surnames of the authors, the name and location of the institution where the work was performed, the e-mail address of the authors. For foreign authors the English translation into Ukrainian and Russian language is translated by the Editorial Board of the journal. The author's summary must fulfill the function of an independent source of information (text - 1800 letters). Keywords - up to 5.

12. Gratitude. If necessary, in this section the author indicates the information about the organizations or individuals who supported these studies. Referring to the grant, please indicate the name of the fund, the name of the grant and / or its number.

Materials to be sent to the address:

Editorial board of the journal "Problems of Endocrine Pathology"

10 Alchevskykh str.

61002, Kharkiv, Ukraine

E-mail:  journal@ipep.com.ua

Responsible for printing the journal in a typography - LLC "Pulse"

E-mail: puls.ins.99@gmail.com