Retraction mechanism and algorithm

The following subjects can launch the retraction (withdrawal) mechanism for an article:

  • the authors of the article who sent a reasoned appeal in writing to the editor-in-chief of the journal "PROBLEMS OF ENDOCRINE PATHOLOGY" (more details);
  • the editors of any journal, which sends a justified request to the editors of the journal "PROBLEMS OF ENDOCRINE PATHOLOGY";
  • readers, having addressed in writing to the editors of the journal "PROBLEMS OF ENDOCRINE PATHOLOGY" and indicating a suspicion, necessarily with available evidence of violations of scientific and legal ethics by the author of the published article;
  • the editor-in-chief of the journal "PROBLEMS OF ENDOCRINE PATHOLOGY", who applies with a reasoned submission, which substantiates the reasons for withdrawing a scientific article;
  • participants in a conflict of interest and other subjects who turn to the editors of the journal "PROBLEMS OF ENDOCRINE PATHOLOGY" with evidence of violation of scientific, legal and publishing ethics.

Retraction policy

Retraction algorithm

  1. The appeal of the subject who initiates the retraction is considered by the Academic Integrity Promotion Group of the SI “ Danilevsky Institute for Endocrine Pathology Problems of the NAMS of Ukraine”, if the appeal meets the formal requirements, a special commission is created, which familiarizes itself with the evidence base, carefully checks the provided evidence, comprehensively and impartially studies the case.
  2. When considering the issue of the expediency of withdrawing an article, the commission uses the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics - COPE. If plagiarism, self-plagiarism or duplication of an article is detected, a link to the original source must be provided.
  3. The chairman of the commission reports the results of the review at the meeting of the editorial board of the journal, which makes a decision on the expediency of withdrawing the article and bringing this issue to the meeting of the Academic Council of the State University "V. Danilevsky Institute for Endocrine Pathology Problems of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine", by which the final decision is made.
  4. If the Scientific Council makes a final decision on the retraction of a scientific article, the Journal Editor:
    a) sends information about the withdrawal of a scientific article to the scientific metric databases in which the journal is indexed;
    b) notifies the author (principal contact for editorial correspondence in the case of collective authorship) of the retraction of the article with justification of the reasons;
    c) in the next issue of the journal, it prints information about the retraction of the article, in which it notes: reasons and grounds for retraction, so that readers can understand why the article is unreliable, as well as who retracts the article;
    d) on the website, in compliance with the norms of correctness, corrects the archive number of the journal in which the article was published, where: the title of the article and the author(s) remain with the mark "article retracted" and publishes who retracts the article, the reason and grounds for the retraction.