male hypofertility, margarine, sunflower oil, palm tree oil, sex hormones


Today, the preservation of men’s reproductive health remains a priority in the field of health care. Excessive consumption of high-energy nutrients alters the functioning of the male reproductive axis and promotes hypofertility.

The aim of the study was to establish the effects of chronic and excessive consumption of fats of different origins on androgen saturation in adult male rats.

The standard diet of 7-month-old male rats supplemented with fats (margarine, solid palm oil and refined sunflower oil) at a dose of 3 g/kg body weight for 75 days led to poor functioning of the reproductive system of all experimental groups. It was found in rats testosterone deficiency (free and total), hyperestrogenism, violation of the physiological ratio of sex hormones, changes in the mass of androgen-dependent organs. 


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