• Kosovtsova G. V. SI «Institute of Children and Adolescence Health Care of the NAMS of Ukraine», Kharkiv




children and adolescence, obesity, insulin resistance, height SDS findings


The features of the growth in children and adolescence of both sexes with obesity and their growth standard deviation score (SDS) were studied with consideration of puberty stage and obesity degree, depending on the presence of insulin resistance (IR). It was established that patients of both sexes with obesity in the presence of IR had significantly more often a high or ultra-high stature. In boys with IR there was registered prolonged growth saltation. In girls with IR against the background of obesity of the I degree there were revealed higher mean SDS indices. It was shown that the impact of IR on the rates of physical development occurs both in boys and in girls with obesity with predisposition to accelerated growth mainly at the initial stages of pubertal adjustment. The high and ultra-high height measurements by the growth SDS in children of both sexes may be an additional sign of IR presence in obesity


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