Vitamin D, Testosterone, and Thyroid Status in Young Men at Different Seasons




pathospermia, normospermia, vitamin D, testosterone, thyroid status, seasonal characteristics.


There are evidences that seasonal fluctuations in vitamin D levels coincide with annual rhythms of testosterone levels, and hypothyroidism may be a predictor of hypoandrogenism.

The aim of the study was to establish the levels of vitamin D (vit. D), testosterone (T), thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and free thyroxine (T4f) in young people with pathospermia and normospermia in the spring-summer and autumn-winter periods.

Materials and methods. The data of 58 men aged 23-44 years, who are in a sterile marriage, were analyzed: 24 were examined in the spring-summer period, 34 - in the autumn-winter period. BMI, levels of T, TSH, T4fandvit. Dwere investigated.

Results. In the general group of men, the frequency of D - hypovitaminosis was higher in those examined in the autumn-winter period. Vit D levels were significantly lower with pathospermia than with normospermia. BMI did not significantly affect the level of vit.D in the blood.A direct correlation between vit. D and T in men with patho- and normospermiahas not been established, although such a correlation took place in the general group of the surveyed.

The average TSH values ​​in the group examined in the spring-summer period did not significantly differ in the group with patho- and normospermia, and in those examined in the autumn-winter period, against the background of pathospermia, there was a decrease in T4f values ​​and an increase in TSH. 13.6% of this subgroup had laboratory signs of subclinical hypothyroidism.


  1. In men of the general group, without taking into account the state of the spermatogenic function of the testicles, examined in the autumn-winter period, there is a significant increase in the frequency of D-hypovitaminosis compared with a similar group of men in whom the level of vitamin D blood was determined in the spring-summer period.
  2. Regardless of the examination period, patients with pathospermia show a decrease in the average levels of vitamin D and testosterone compared to men with normal semen parameters.
  3. The frequency of vitamin D deficiency in patients with pathospermia significantly increases in the autumn-winter period.

Disorders of spermatogenesis in men can be associated with the hypofunctional state of the thyroid gland against the background of the existing deficiency of vitamin D in the autumn-winter period.


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