vitamin D, experimental prostatitis, sex hormones level, fructose concentration in seminal vesicles


Vitamin D is necessary for adequate steroid hormones production and full-fledged spermatogenesis. Its deficiency causes the development of androgen insufficiency and pathospermia, which can lead to subfertility. It may be the background of vitamin D using for treatment of men's reproductive system pathologies. However, the experimental grounding of vitamin D administration on the pathology models that simulate the most wide-spread variants of infertility is needed to confirm this. Subfertility in men with prostatitis is one of the main causes of infertility.

Aim: the studying of vitamin D using (independently or in complex schemes) for correction of sex hormones levels and fructose concentration in rats' males with experimental prostatitis.

Materials and methods. The correction of pathology has been carried out by vitamin D in sex active Vistar rats with experimental prostatitis which has been induced by cryo traumatizing of ventral part of prostate gland. Vitamin D3 has been used as a monotherapy or in combination with prostate protector Prostatilen (in different ways of introduction), per os or in a pharmaceutical composition for rectal use. The masses of seminal vesicles, their fructose concentration and sex hormones levels in blood serum have been determined.

Results. Under the condition of experimental cryo-prostatitis the hypotestosteronemia and decreasing of testosterone/estradiol ration have been detected in rat male blood serum, in the seminal vesicles the fructose concentration has declined nearly three times. The using of Prostatilen as a monotherapy or in combination with vitamin D3 for experimental prostatitis treatment independently of ways of introduction has led to androgen status normalization (increasing of testosterone concentration in blood serum), and fructose content in testicles, but hasn’t influenced estradiol concentration. The independent use of vitamin D per os under the condition of experimental prostatitis hasn’t led to testosterone secretion recovering, but has increased its influence on the seminal vesicles. The growing of seminal vesicle masses and fructose concentration in them indicates this.

Conclusions. The introduction of vitamin D with Prostatilen in complex schemes of treatment is reasonable because has demonstrated positive effect on androgen saturation of organism, has increased fructose concentration in seminal vesicles, which can facilitate spermatogenesis and fecundity.


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