• Morozov A. V. SI «Institute for Children and Adolescents Health Care of the NAMS of Ukraine», Kharkiv
  • Budreyko E. A. SI «Institute for Children and Adolescents Health Care of the NAMS of Ukraine», Kharkiv



type 1 diabetes mellitus, children and adolescents, physical activity, questionnaire


In the review of the literature carried out the analysis of modern methods for assessing levels of physical activity (PhA) and the results of their assessments in patients with chronic illnesses, including diabetes. It was presented the data their own research with a comparative assessment of the results of applying different forms to determine the level of PhA in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes. It was shown that a survey is sufficiently objective way to assess PhA in illness children. However, the using of PAQ - A, PAQ - C, IPAQ questionnaires allows objectively estimate only moderate PhA with rather large errors in the evaluation of low and high level PhA. At the same time, the using of the authors modified questionnaire allows objectively estimate medium, low as well as high levels of PhA. It gives grounds to recommend the authors questionnaire for pediatric endocrinologists, pediatricians, physical therapy and other specialists.


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