endometriosis, leptin, chronic pelvic pain, infertility


Background. Study of endometriosis is determined by the significant prevalence of this pathology, progressive development, chronic pelvic pain, dyspareunia, infertility, which impair the quality of life of women. The aim of the study was to determine the association of serum leptin levels in women with endometriosis with the stage of severity of the pathological process.

Materials and Methods. We have studied 69 patients with endometriosis (main group) and 47 women without gynecological pathology (control group), who were examined and operated at the City Clinical Perinatal Center, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. The severity of endometriosis was determined according to the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine № 319 of April 6, 2016. Quantitative determination of serum leptin level was performed by ELISA Kit (CAN-L-4260, Canada). Statistical analyses based on Microsoft Excel statistical analysis package and Statistica 12.0. Patients in both groups statistically did not differ due to body mass index (p˃0.05).

Results. The average leptin level of women of the main group was 3.2-fold higher than the level of this hormone in the control group (28.94±7.20 ng/ml vs. 12.11±4.16 ng/ml) (p<0.05). 55.1 % of women with endometriosis had leptin values ​​from 20.00 to 29.99 ng/ml, which was 6.5-fold higher than the frequency of women of control (p<0.05). An increase in leptin in the progression of the severity of endometriosis was proved: in stage I, the average difference was 8.82±2.71 ng/ml (p<0.05), in stage II – 14.86±2.63 ng/ml (p<0.001), in stage III –18.12±3.69 ng/ml (p<0.001), in stage IV – 26.99±3.52 ng/ml (p<0.001) compared with leptin of the control group (12.11±4.16 ng/mL). Thus, an increase of leptin level in 1.7 times leads to increase the risk of endometriosis I severity stage (OR=4.43; 95% CI: 2.01-9.78; p<0.001), in 2.2 times – stage II (OR=4.09; 95%CI: 1.29-12.94; p<0.05), in 2.4 times increases the chances of stage III (OR=3.51; 95%CI: 1.10-11.23; p<0.05), and in 3.2 times – IV severity stage (OR=3.79; 95%CI: 1.19-12.07; p<0.05).

Conclusions. Leptin can be considered a prognostic marker of endometriosis and diagnosis of severity.


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